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Key Benefits Of Our Commercial Resin Flooring

  • Anti Slip Resin Floor Installation
  • Commercial Industrial Applications
  • Smooth Textured Finish
  • Low Maintenance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Unlimited Colour Range

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Driveway Ideas customer satisfaction

Drives and Pathways

Creating a driveway can be done in different ways: carrossable or not, in gravel, in concrete, they structure the outdoor spaces. Prices and advice available on request.

The surroundings of your home give a first indication of the importance that you wear on the outside appearance of your home. They also allow access to the main and secondary entrances. To structure the pedestrian crossings and car of a house, you can create walkways. They embellish the garden and personalize the surroundings of the house.

Which type of material to choose for your home? What types of driveway? What is the difference between these materials? How to prepare your project?

Driveway to access the front door or to park your car in the garage or carport, garden path to create a walk and encourage visitors to follow a specific path or driveway delimiting areas, they can do everything!

What Should I Do?

Here at Reppavingcontractor we can provide help and advice on what may be best for you and what you are trying to achieve.

If for now you have soil, pebbles or just a little tired grass, this may not be problematic in summer. In winter and autumn, with rain, own driveway is highly enjoyable!

Can you imagine going home, arms full of shopping, walking on tiptoe out of the car, to avoid damaging your shoes and zigzag between the puddles, the big stones. All this in the mud? Or in the morning, after cleaning your shoes, you find those shoes covered in dirt or wet through!

Nothing better to put you in a good mood in the morning! If every year it is the same thing, you forget in summer and weigh as soon as the bad weather returns, maybe it’s time to start the work!

You create traffic areas and offer a great value to your home while making its appearance more aesthetic!

A driveway that looks great

To visually structure the area around the house, nothing better than a walkway to the front door. It allows to receive visitors, you prevent soiling your shoes starting in the morning to work to reach your car and adds an aesthetic touch to the entrance.

Whatever flooring you choose, take time to think about the width of the future driveway. Do you expect to be able to circulate with two people at the front? Use a push chair? A wheelchair ? Do you often wear heeled shoes that can not stand pebbles?

So many questions that will allow you to define exactly your future alley according to your needs.

A driveway for the garage

Nice and very comfortable, the carriage driveway providing access to the garage or the storage location of your vehicles, guard your own vehicle and prevents you from bogging you down or skating on a thick layer of gravel.

Matched to the driveway to the front door, it creates a nice visual assembly and also allows children and grandchildren to play on a smooth or workable space with bicycles.

Whether sloping or not, the coatings currently available make it possible to respond to all situations.

We even offer customizable driveways with patterns. What a pleasure!

A garden pathway to structure green spaces

Want to energize your garden with walkways? It is an excellent idea ! By creating a pathway following the significant elements of the garden, a beautiful tree, the vegetable garden, the fountain you just installed … you bring a decorative touch to your garden.

They can delineate passageways but also areas: play area with swings, garden house for children, sandpit, or vegetable garden and garden shed with garden tools. It’s up to you!


Self-locking paving stones are increasingly used for garden pathways and driveways. They are available in different colors, sizes and shapes allowing you to customize the decoration of your property. Their installation is quite easy since it is enough to fit them like pieces of puzzle.

Lay a layer of sand before installing these concrete pavers to avoid weeds at joints. Also choose for pavers complying with building standards.




Slabs and pavers natural stone are also used to construct a driveway perfectly smooth and even garden. Ease of maintenance and durability advocate for these materials. Their wide variety is also a plus to give free rein to your imagination in order to obtain an out of the ordinary alley. The exterior tile can receive tiles for an elegant and harmonious rendering.


Develop a driveway paved garden is now trendy. It prevents you from staining your shoes in case of rain. The coated tar is available in different colors and it is even possible to customize your garden path with patterns. The asphalt requires tar, sand and gravel.

The layer has a thickness of 1 to 12 cm. Its life span is about ten years. You can also opt for a two-layered path composed of gravel and bitumen mixture. This technique is less expensive, but its lifetime is also shorter than that of asphalt.


Creating a Resin Driveway or path Is very easy. This type of product is ideal for passing vehicles or pedestrians. Gravel has the advantage of adapting to any type of situation. A width of 1 m is sufficient for your movements. Draw the driveway and dig over a depth of 10 cm or 20 cm if it crosses a lawn.

Cover the trench with a permeable horticultural cover. Then spread the gravel in the wheelbarrow after thoroughly cleaning the canvas. Be careful not to roll on the canvas before the gravel is spread out so that it does not sink into the ground under the weight of the wheelbarrow.

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