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We supply and install blockpaving in the South West., South East, Midlands and in the North of the Country. Including paving stones, concrete paving stones, eco-paving, patio stones, garden slabs, natural stone slabs, steps, bricks and pillars for the garden, landscape and urban design.

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We are one of the leading installers of block-paving pathways and driveways in the South West. An expert finish every time covering Plymouth, Exeter, Taunton and the Bristol area.

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he best block paving driveway“…probably the best thing that can happen to your driveway”

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What we stand and walk on often wears inconspicuously, but much to our quality of life.  Repaving Contractors always strives for the highest standards of quality, technology and aesthetics in the design and installation of block-paving, paving stones and patio slabs.

The possibilities for designing with concrete blocks are almost limitless.  Innumerable colours, shapes and textures make this material one of the most versatile materials on the market for driveway design.  Experience our work in public places, pathways, terraces, driveways and gardens.

The pavements and tiling are selected to meet all the desires of unique and aesthetic terraces. All design ideas are achievable thanks to the wide choice of appearance (stone, wood …), shade (natural, gray, warm colors …) , shape and size.

These spaces of conviviality are created with pavements and pavements of high quality bringing a longevity to your space of life outdoors.

An alley in paved, pedestrian or pedestrian, is the alliance of aesthetics and practice.

The cobblestone walkways allow for all visual fantasies and guide the steps of your visitors in the best conditions.
Depending on the location, there are different types of exterior pavers:

The paved driveway
The paved courtyard
The pavement terrace
The pool pavilion
The street pavement

Paving Stones: Layout and Design

A paved driveway connects the different points of the house between them: from the street to the garage and from the garden to the terrace. It must always be easy to access and comfortable for walking.

The layout of the paved driveway – plan and construction

Make a plan of your land including your home and trace the path you want for your driveways. The characteristics to be taken into account according to the type of aisle in pavers.

Good to know : as much as possible, plan a little bigger, you do not always walk alone and it’s simpler to handle a wheelchair, your plants grow.

After completing the detailed plan of the aisle, one can make its layout.
Instead of the future aisles, a rai de blanc of Meudon or equivalent is deposited on the planned route to visualize the layout.

Pavement material can be either natural stone, reconstituted or concrete

The choice of material depends mainly on the tastes of each (aspect), but also on the use, maintenance and of course the budget.

Realization of the paved driveway: according to usage

There are 3 possible techniques for laying the pavers outdoors:
On sand bed;
Sealed on screed;

Pavement lane: regular maintenance to avoid foaming

Your aisle should not be slippery: choose your pavers according to this setting.
If you have recovered cobbles that prove slippery, there are in the trade products that can remedy them subject to renewal often the operation.
Regularly, it is important to clean its pavers to limit mosses, lichens and weeds.
The use of the high pressure cleaner with a brush is a good compromise to the products, but it is delicate use for the joints to the sand.
Glued together.
The type of installation to be adopted depends on the type of pavé and its use