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Key Benefits Of Our Commercial Resin Flooring

  • Anti Slip Resin Floor Installation
  • Commercial Industrial Applications
  • Smooth Textured Finish
  • Low Maintenance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Unlimited Colour Range

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Commercial Resin Floors

Ideal for professional commercial or administrative offices

The choice of a floor for commercial resin floors or administrative offices must meet a balance between a pleasant floor for the employees on a daily basis, welcoming visitors with a seductive and professional aesthetic finish. Difficult compromise between a durable floor ready to accommodate many passages, easy to maintain and customizable to the image of the company and its color codes, there is yet an increasingly prevalent solution, decorative resin flooring.

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Firstly limited to industrial use for its mechanical and chemical resistance qualities, soil resin has been widely adopted by individuals because of the customized decorative freedoms it allows. While flooring and carpeting are often favored for professional or commercial flooring, here is a portrait of this modern and aesthetic floor covering with the qualities of a professional floor.

Industrial Resin Flooring

A durable decorative floor for your professional premises

Available in industrial environments in two forms, epoxy or polyurethane, epoxy resin remains the most widely used solution for decorative flooring with incredible shock and passing resistance. Composed of a resin and a hardener, decorative floor resin is widely used in many large public spaces such as hospitals or shopping malls, due to its high strength strength. For administrative offices, shops or shops with a more limited frequency of passage, a thinner coating called “self-leveling” can provide sufficient resistance.

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Although carpeting is often preferred for its sound insulation qualities, it has a limited lifespan with demanding maintenance and little resistance to everyday tasks. A decorative resin floor offers a sound and acoustic insulation solution, ideal for offices in openspace where silence is king for collective concentration, while its maintenance is not restrictive.

An aesthetic and customizable floor

Welcoming for your visitors, a decorative floor for offices and professional premises is essential, it participates in the global apprehension of the visitors. The customization of the floor resin is infinite thanks to the addition of color pigments to its composition. Between a color chart, the options of finishing and effect of matter, artistic and aesthetic personalization is inexhaustible. Ideal for matching the floor to the overall decoration of the premises and the visual identity of the brand, the decorative resin floor offers an ideal compromise to seduce visitors, delight employees on a daily basis and reinforce the harmonized decoration of your professional premises.

To reinforce the corporate identity of the company, it is also possible to integrate a logo or slogan on the floor directly in the resin or with a sticker. The most original compositions are possible with the addition of sequins, colored stones and gravels.

Easy to clean

The decorative floor resin results in a seamless floor with a completely waterproof, smooth surface. With dustproof properties, maintenance is facilitated with the simple passage of a vacuum cleaner with soft tip and a moist mop. Simply avoiding the use of overly corrosive cleaning agents and the decorative floor resin retains its smooth appearance and impeccable color. This for this ease of maintenance and its hygienic properties that resin flooring has become common in supermarkets, malls or hospitals. To prevent partial scratches or attack of corrosive products, there are spray solutions to provide an additional thin protective film.

In case of major deterioration or the desire to change color or finish, simply sand the old coating before applying a new layer of decorative resin on your professional floor.

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